Physical Properties
A. Specific Gravity:

  • This Property has-been determined in an inert liquid at 20 C

B. Oil Absorption(ml./100):

  • Acid refined linseed oil is added slowly from a burette to 10 g. pigment sample on glass plate
  • Each addition of oil is worked into the pigment with a knife spatula
  • This is continued until a coherent paste is obtained
  • The quality of oil so required for 1 00 g. of the pigment is then calculated and given as the oil absorption value in terms of ml oil/100 g. pigment.
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } The ink applied on metal is to be dried and then kept on exposure in pedometer. The exposed panel is to be compared with the unexposed and the light fastness is assessed on a 1 - 8 scale.
Pigment stoved at 150 C for 20 minutes in laboratory oven. Grind the specimen and control sample together with linseed oil varnish using muller. Rate the degree of colour change for suitability/unsuitability.
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